The climate is mild, the sunshine is tops for New Zealand, the hills are gentle and the physical environment is attractive and diverse.

The Tasman Cycle Trail was the working name of a new trail, now known as Tasman’s Great Taste Trail that will eventually run from Nelson through Richmond to Rabbit Island and now links by ferry to Mapua and the Ruby Coast.  It will continue to Motueka, Riwaka and down the Motueka River to Tapawera. The trail will offer an easy to ride surface and gradient similar to the Otago Central Rail Trail and will cater for a wider range of cyclists (and walkers). As stages of the trail are completed it will eventually offer a choice of day rides or a multiday cycle holiday with a series of overnight stops within the region. This regional project has received construction funding under John Key’s ‘National Cycleway’, which has the aim of building a series of ‘Great Rides’ around the country to showcase areas of natural beauty and to generate economic activity through tourism.

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The Mapua Ferry was launched in October 2011 and connects bikers with Mapua Wharf and Moturoa (Rabbit Island). The ferry runs regularly.  See timetable details else where on this website or visit

Mapua Ferry

Walking and Cycling Pathways Map to Download

The new Get Moving map for the Ruby Coast is downloadable from

This TDC publication has maps and descriptions of walking and cycling pathways on the Ruby Coast – Mapua, Ruby Bay, Tasman and Kina.

Here are some suggested rides and/or walks… scroll down to find out more.

1.   Mapua to Ruby Bay Loop on the Ruby Coast

Leave from Mapua School down the track towards the beach, turn left along Old Mill Walkway and follow it along to the Chaytor Reserve at the end of Broadsea Ave, and continue to the Ruby Bay shops.  Reward yourself with an ice cream or coffee and ride or walk back to Mapua along the Coastal Highway – cycling is allowed on the footpath. Biking 35-40 minutes, walking 40-75 minutes.

For walkers: At low tide take the right turn at the end of the track from the Mapua School and walk along the seafront to Iwa Road and the Mapua Wharf. You can continue along the waterfront to Grossi Point and return to the Mapua village via Tahi Street. 90 minutes.

Somerset Cottage bike ride, Mahana on the Moutere Hills

Drive to Upper Moutere and follow the highway through the village to Gardner Valley Rd where you leave your car at the cemetery and start cycling. Turn right along Best Rd, continuing straight ahead when it becomes George Harvey Rd. Somerset Cottage was built in 1858 by George Harvey from Somerset and has been restored. Take a break at the picnic table then head on down George Harvey Rd and climb up to Old Coach Rd. Soak up the views on the ridge line and cycle along to Nuttal Rd, then take a left into Gardner Valley Road and back to your starting point.  Allow approx.  60 minutes.

2.   Dicker Ridge Track walkway/cycleway in Tasman area

Unformed legal roads (otherwise known as Paper Roads) are being used for walking and cycling routes through the Tasman/Kina area, thanks in part to $7500 funding from the national Walking Access Commission.  The 7.5km Dicker Ridge Track has been recently opened and is well signposted. The path starts near the Tasman Domain (where you can park your car or bike) and follows up Dicker Rd from the corner of Aporo Rd across an Unformed legal road, over lease land owned by the NZ Transport Agency, who built the nearby Ruby Bay Bypass. The track follows the bypass and offers fabulous views of Mt Arthur, plus the sea, vineyards and the Moutere.  Continuing on for 3½km along Dicker Rd you reach a left hand turning point to take you down along another Unformed legal road to the top of Williams Rd, following farmland and orchards for another 2 ½km and emerging at Aporo Rd near the Jester House Café for a short 1km walk back to the Domain.  Walkers and cyclists are urged to stay within the twin white posts that designate a short section of the track, where the track goes between private property. Gates, in place to control the stock, need to be left as found.  In total, the Dicker Ridge Track takes 1 ½ to 2hrs and is classed as “easy” to “moderate”.